One East Capital is a subsidiary of One East homes. The objective is to raise investment capital for One East homes. Our objective is to promote commercial to residential new builds as an investment vehicle. Investors who wish to invest with us will need to be either a sophisticated investors or high-net-worth investors we also have a compliance department.


One East Capital’s goal is to raise £5,000.000 from private investors.  However, the majority of our funding 65% will come from development finance. Investors will be investing directly into the projects. Therefore, your investment will be protected by assets.

Why Invest With Us?

We are looking to work with private Investors that want to make a positive social impact with their capital. We take time to understand what our investors are looking for and try our best to accommodate most requests. 

Your investment experience is important to us and we treat our Investor’s money as if it is our own. All of our projects are de-risked as Investors receive their investment and returns before One East Homes receives any proceeds.

Please note that Investors must be classed as Sophisticated Investors, High-Net-Worth, or Ultra-High Net Worth.

To get in contact with us you will need self-certify yourself as either a Sophisticated Investor or a High-Net-Worth and then book a discovery call at a date and time that is convenient for you.