Increase the Variety of Car’s You Can Service with an Oil Rack System.

In the lubricants industry, various “Rack Systems” have become increasingly popular over the last few years. With this very sought-after product, many brands have generated their own versions. Regardless of the brand, the basic benefits are comparable and worth consideration for your business.
Let’s start with the Rack. Around 80 inches in height and various widths, this metal frame can be easily assembled and is designed to free up space. Our options include the Ecobox™ (3×3 & 6×6), Pro Pak (4×4), and Center Rack (3×3). The frame operates with four shelves. The top shelve will hold the boxes of oil, and the shelve directly underneath will contain plastic pitchers. This is then repeated for the bottom two shelves. The boxes of oil have a unit of measure of 24*1 Quarts/1*6 Gallons. The bottom of the box has a valve that pours oil into the pitchers below that has measuring increments on the sides to assure the right volume for your oil change.